life update: cici film fest

Holy fuck!
This morning I woke up to an email informing me that I had been selected as 1 of 10 filmmakers invited to Italy to make a film for the 2015 Cici Film Festival! Still reeling from the shock that anybody thinks I am competent at anything. Also that I had so nonchalantly filled out the application form not too long ago because I had merely stumbled upon the website while fucking around, not really thinking anything would come of it.
This is crazy. Absolutely insane. I'm so happy and grateful, especially for the fact that I had everything it took to make Intimate Detachment - probably the reason why they accepted me - in this last semester in Austin.
I am so grateful to everybody I have ever met, everybody that helped out on the film, everybody that has made me who I am today which allowed me to even have this opportunity. Goddamn, I am so filled with love for every fucking thing.

Everything is nuts. Can you tell I am overwhelmed?! I am so, so fucking privileged and lucky. I can't/don't know if I have the mental capacity to process it.


mexico part 2

Stayed at Hostel Suites DF when we got back to Mexico City, which was recommended by Tejas/Matt and it turned out to be a huge congregation of the coolest people ever. We met David, who cycled all the way to India from Austria for 9 months, and has been traveling the Americas ever since. He's one of the most enthusiastic people I've ever had the privilege of experiencing, bursting at the seams with pure joy and curiosity for the world and life. This resulted in a very drunken night out dancing till 4am in a club in the Condensa area. Also, one thing about very cheap delicious street tacos is that it will make you poo. Like, for real. Worth it? Definitely.
We hit up Colonia Roma there, which Garson coined 'the Austin of Mexico City'. I found a vintage book store where I bought a huge old ass encyclopedia that was published back in the 1950s! I am so in love with it that I committed to lugging it around with us for the rest of the trip. We chilled at cafes and checked out independent modern art museums and then had the best sushi/ramen that night. 
We took a 12 hour bus ride to Puerto Escondido, saving a night's worth of accommodation. The beaches are gorgeous but the sun was brutal. We tried surfing our first day there, and my butt got so sunburnt that I couldn't sit for the next 3 days. Agonizing, so a lot of pictures Garson took of me are of me being grumpy. I managed to stand on the surf board though (!!!) and I've never tried surfing, so I'm gonna say that sun burn was worth it. Also a funny story to tell, having to put rags down everywhere before I could sit. Only in retrospect.
After extensive discussion/research I have concluded that water is NOT my element, even though I have "the river will bring me home" inked into my skin. If we were benders in Avatar, I would be Fire and Garson would be Earth. At least Giancarlo thinks I am Fire, the Nickelodeon quiz told me I am Earth too like G (I made him take the quiz)!! Ok enough geeking out, but I secretly think I am fire too even though I would like to be an Air/Earth bender. 
On our last day we went back to GC's and because Tejas/Helen also happened to be in Mexico City, they came over!!! We had breakfast together before Garson and I had to rush off to the airport. It was a very nice moment of familiarity yet solitude - in a city so big, we found people from home. 

And that concludes our 2 week long trip... No downs (unless you count my sunburn) only ups. The 2 weeks and now these photos, remnants of those memories, continue to fill me with so much joy. I'm happy.


mexico part 1

Mexico trip, June 16-30
photos taken with an iPhone 5s/contax t2 by me, 7D by Garson and edited by me
(which is why iPhone/film pictures are mostly of Garson and 7D pictures are mostly of me)

Garson and I stayed with Giancarlo for the first couple nights in Mexico City, and we wandered around the new landscape for a few days, hitting up museums, old cathedrals and watching a Lucha Libre show. GC might be an amazing cook but he's a terrible tour guide ("On your left are some green trees" and "Look at that wall on your right"). 
Then we headed up to San Miguel de Allende for 3 days! It's a 4 hour bus ride from Mexico City, coined the "Disneyland" of Mexico because a lot of foreigners relocated there awhile back (source: Wikipedia). It was absolutely beautiful and way safer compared to Mexico City. For 3 days we walked the cobble stone roads, climbed a roof top (!), went to a hot spring, hung with some cool cools. We met a motley crew of locals one night, and the next day Pepe brought us to the botanic garden on the outskirts of the town. One of the highlights for sure.

to be continued